Hiroshi Koike & Pappa Tarahumara’ s New Production
「 PunK・Don Quixote 」

Pappa TARAHUMARA gives crown of “PUNK” to Cervantes’ novel “Don Quixote”, and drastically
tranceformed into Pappa Tarahumara’ s original piece, “PunK・Don Quixote. “
Hiroshi Koike sets Don Quixote in the contemporary society filled with punkish destructive energy.The world of
both comedy and tragedy on stage reflects us, the human beings on the earth of today, fusing various
elements like dance, theater, and musical. One can’ t miss this nostalgic yet brand new stage
performance in this coming winter.


2009 12/11(Fri.)~12/20(sun.)

2009.12月 11(fri) 12(sat) 13(sun) 14(mon) 15(tue) 16(wed) 17(thu) 18(fri) 19(sat) 20(sun)
19:30       ●     

OWL SPOT Toshima Performing Arts Center 
〒170-00134-5-2, Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Rise Arena Building 2F
TEL.03-5391-0751 FAX.03-5391-0752 MAP


Circus?! Dance?! Musical? ALL!! Destroy all the concepts!
You will see a world never seen before on stage!

□Director/Writer/Choreograpaher : Hiroshi Koike

□Cast : Makoto Matsushima, Sachiko Shirai, Mao Arata, Makie Sekiguchi, Takuya Ikeno, Rei Hashimoto,
Sae Namba, Yuuki Yokote, Arisa Yokote, Ayako Araki, Nonoko Tsuji, Tetsuro Koyano, Kae Ishimoto,
Yuri Yoshimura, I Ketut Rina, Owen Auyang

□Stage Set : TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inc.(Koichi Suzuno, Shinya Kamuro)
□Object : Masato Tanaka, Seiichiro Mori
□Music : Alan Patton, Kensuke Fujii
□Musician : Alan Patton & 2 more players
□Costume : Kazushi Kobayashi,Sayaka Kai
□Make Up : You Murakami(Hairmake bads)

□Light : Yukiko Sekine (Gleco House)
□Flyer Design : Kaoru Kasai, Takashi Ando

  ●Tickets (Reserved Seats) In advance
Adults= 5,000 yen Over 65’s= 4,500 yen Students=3,900 yen Elementary School Students=2,000 yen

*All tickets at the door = plus 500yen
*Tickets for Over 60’s/Students/Elementary Students are only available at SAI Inc.. *Elementary students are also permitted.

●Tickets Reservation
SAI Inc. PC→https://ticket.corich.jp/apply/15519/  MOBILE→http://ticket.corich.jp/apply/15519/

◎Tiket PIA  0570-02-9999(P-code: 397-664) 

● Information Pappa TARAHUMARA tel:03-3385-2919 fax:03-3319-3178


【What is “Pappa TARAHUMARA” ?】

  “Pappa TARAHUMARA” is a Performing Arts company founded by the director, Hiroshi Koike in 1982.
What makes Pappa TARAHUMARA as distinctive and extraordinary from the other theater companies is their
flexibility and synergetic method of their creative process.
They will utilize dance, play, music, and art as to present Theatre arts, and attract many audiences and recognized
internationally. In 2008, the company was invited to Next Wave Festival in the Brooklyn Academy of Music.