Concept of Pappa TARAHUMARA WEB SITE English

photo by youichi tsukada

To be Cosmic- Ever since I founded “Pappa TARAHUMARA”, I have strived to create “cosmic” works.
Some may interpret this term to mean “comprehensive” or “inclusive”, but for me, the meaning of “cosmic” differs somewhat..
Performing Arts is an art that utilizes bodies cohesively, and builds relationships with audiences in order to attain its goals.Therefore, Performing Arts is an art that can only be perfected when the actors on stage, the audience, the lighting/set staff, andthe sound staff all are linked to an unknown element, “something”.

I believe that all true works of art are “cosmic”. Art by necessity has intentions of being purely “cosmic”.
This is sometimes the case, even when commercialism is involved. Why?
Because art is elevated when a power greater than the artist, which is beyond the artist himself/herself and beyond any relationship among people,
guides his or her hand. Works created in this manner have a “cosmic” nature, and noble spirituality resides therein.

Performing Arts requires that a delicate balance be maintained among space, time, and bodies. In addition, an audience is necessary.
These four elements are the essential constituents of theater. If the balance is poor, the work becomes an ego trip by the actors, or flattery by the audience.Therefore, in order to be “cosmic”, expansion in all directions is necessary.

Accordingly, it is meaningless to categorize theater into genres. Performing Arts encompasses plays, dance, opera, art, and music.
By categorizing theater, so called “critics” who specialize in each field may emerge, at the cost of the emergence of people who have “cosmic” viewpoints.This may be a matter of course, as it is difficult to be “cosmic” to begin with.

To date, I have produced approximately 50 works, while aspiring for novelty and striving to be “cosmic”.
At times I feel as though I am perching on the edge of an abyss.However, the abyss is a great bottomless pit that I never tire of looking into.
Therefore, although I have told myself that it is not necessary to pursue performing arts, I have continued to create works tirelessly, all the while being fascinated by the multifaceted elements of the stage.

I wish to continue seeking that which has never been seen before.